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Wed, 3rd August 2022

Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund


Please see letter from the Charities Finance Manager at Mark Masons' Hall

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Sun, 15th May 2022

Divisional Sunday Lunch


Following two ‘false-starts’ due to COVID restrictions, the West Midlands Division was finally able to host a Sunday Lunch at the Wishaw Sporting Ground, Sutton Coldfield. A total of 80 people assembled to enjoy a wonderful carvery in unique surroundings. Members, their wives and partners travelled from all over the Division to join in this event which was a ‘first’ for the Division. The guests included senior members of other Masonic Orders in the West Midlands.

The prospect of a successful event was enhanced when, after heavy rain in the early morning, what followed was brilliant sunshine, allowing guests to enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the patio.

The venue has an excellent reputation for good food and it did not disappoint; to judge from the ‘noise’ level in the restaurant, everyone has a thoroughly enjoyable time. This was confirmed by numerous compliment and requests to repeat the event in 2023, this has already been booked for May 2023.

Special thanks must go Ill Kt John Handley, Divisional Registrar, for his unstinting work in organising the event, his efforts ensured that everything ran smoothly and the inaugural Lunch proved such a success – thank you John.

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Fri, 25th February 2022

Buddy Bags Foundation


Buddy Bags Foundation 4.jpg

Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund – It’s in the Bag!

Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, the Intendant-General and Ill Kt Jim Mulligan, the Deputy Intendant-General, for the West Midlands Division of the Red Cross of Constantine, recently visited the Buddy Bags Foundation to present a cheque for £2500 or support the incredible work being done by the Foundation. The Foundation was created in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home

The Buddy Bag Foundation in the UK was founded in 2015, by Karen Williams OBE, to help make a difference to children entering emergency care. During a visit to Australia, Karen was inspired by an article about the A & M Foundation, which has delivered more than 100,000 Buddy Bags to children in emergency care in Australia. On returning to the UK, Karen researched the facilities available for children in emergency care and discovered a huge need.

To ensure as many children as possible can benefit from the Buddy Bag scheme, Karen set up The Buddy Bag Foundation and launched the Buddy Bag appeal in the UK, with the help and support of The A & M Foundation

Every year 48,000 children in the UK require emergency care. Restoring a sense of safety & security into a child’s life during a traumatic time is one of the first steps towards recovery They supply these children with a Buddy Bag containing essential items to help restore a sense of comfort and love. By providing these children with a few essential items. It is Buddy Bags mission to help make the transition into emergency care a little easier.

Although Buddy Bags is based in Sutton Coldfield, it operates throughout the UK. The foundation is run by a team of volunteers and ambassadors so that 100% of the money raised goes to the cause. The Buddy Bag brigades provide a unique opportunity for volunteers to get hands-on and support the cause. 

Following the presentation of the cheque Karen said “Thank you for visiting the Buddy Bag Foundation, it was a pleasure and a massive thank you again for your kind donation, making a difference to 100 children in emergency care. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the group.  

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Fri, 18th February 2022

The High Riders Letter of thanks


High Riders RDA.jpg

Worthy Knights please see the letter of thanks received from THE HIGH RIDERS of Solihull for the recent grant awarded by the Grand Sovereign's Care Fund for Children

High Riders Letter.jpg

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Sat, 6th June 2020

Letter of thanks From Jigsaw Thornbury


Worthy Knights please see the letter of thanks received from JIGSAW of Thornbury for the recent grant awarded by the Grand Sovereign's Care Fund for Children

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Fri, 17th April 2020

Grants for Children's Charities

The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund has just awarded three grants for the following Children's Charities within our Division with £2,500 to each Charity

1. Jigsaw Thornbury Childrens Charity

2. Winston's Wish Children's Charity

3. Pied Piper Appeal for Children

Our sincere thanks to the Grand Sovereign's Fund for these donations

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Fri, 17th January 2020

Presentation of First Certificate of Merit to David Leigh


Very Illustrious Knight David J Leigh, Past Grand High Chancellor

The St Chad Conclave No 320 of the Order of The Red Cross of Constantine recently celebrated a very special occasion. In recognition of his long and dedicated service to the Order, their Marshal, Very Illustrious Knight David J Leigh, Past Grand High Chancellor, was presented with a ‘Diploma of Merit’ by the Intendant-General for the West Midlands Division, Rt Ill Kt John J Tristram.

The Intendant-General gave a brief summary of David’s history in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. He was Installed as a Knight-Companion in Saye & Sele Conclave No 122 London in December 1975, and was Enthroned as Most Puissant Sovereign in that Conclave in 1989. David remains a member of that Conclave and is their current Marshal. He was also a Founder member of the Guild of Freeman Conclave No 483 and is currently their Recorder, an office he has held for 9 years

David was a Founder member of St Chad Conclave, Stafford in 1977 and became Most Puissant Sovereign in 2014. He was appointed to Grand Rank in 1988 and has received a number of Grand Rank promotions in recognition of his service, eventually coming a Very Illustrious Knight on his appointment to the rank of Past Grand High Almoner in 1999. In 2013 David received a further promotion, to Past Grand High Chancellor, the rank which he holds today

The Intendant-General said that David’s support for the Conclaves in Staffordshire and his dedicated service to the Order deserved to be acknowledge and rewarded and he was delighted to present David with his Diploma of Merit, the first to be presented in the West Midlands Division. Congratulations to David

IMG_2503 David Leigh Certificate of Merit 17 01 20.jpg


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Fri, 15th November 2019

Acorns Cheque Presentation

On Friday 15th November John Tristram the Intendant-General, accompanied by Jim Mulligan the Deputy Intendant-General, Jim Coxon the Divisional Treasurer and Geoff Watkins the Divisional Recorder, was pleased to be able to present a cheque for £2500 from the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children to Acorns Children’s Hospice ‘Black County Hospice Appeal’. The hospice has been under threat of closure due to severe financial constraints and we were pleased to be able to make a contribution towards their appeal

By coincidence, on the same day as our presentation, Acorns announced that due to the success of the Black Country Appeal, they have been able to keep the hospice open. We wish them every success for the future



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Fri, 6th September 2019

James Hopkins Trust Thank You

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Thu, 5th September 2019


Right Illustrious Knight John Tristram, Intendant General for the West Midlands, together with Right Illustrious Knight Roland Bedford, Past Intendant General for Surrey, were very pleased to visit the James Hopkins Trust, Gloucester and present a cheque for £2500, on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children.

The Trust provides respite care across Gloucestershire, for children up to 12 years old who have life limiting illnesses, either via home visit by nurses or by children attending the very impressive centre in Gloucester. Sarah James, Charity Manager, gave John and Roland a tour of the centre, which includes various activity rooms, a sensory room with a variety of audio and visual effects.

There are specially adapted bedrooms, so that children can occasionally stay over-night and enjoy a ‘sleep-over’ with their friends and beautiful gardens, specially designed to stimulate the children, which are maintained by a group of volunteers.

One of the most moving sights is the Memory Garden, which is dedicated to children who enjoyed the facilities at the centre, but have sadly passed away. It is somewhere peaceful that their parents can go to remember and reflect on their loss

Above all the Trust is about the celebration of life, we wish them every success for the future and are delighted that the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children has been able to play a small part in supporting their work.

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Thu, 25th July 2019

Battle Back Thank You Letter





Battle Back Letter 2019_1.jpg

Battle Back Letter 2019_2.jpg

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Mon, 15th July 2019

Divisional Visit to The Battle Back Centre


On Monday 15 July 2019 on a hot and sun drenched afternoon, the Intendant General John Tristram, Deputy Intendant General James Mulligan and members of the West Midlands division together with their wives and partners attended Battle Back.  They were met by Sally Green and Hannah Tranter who delivered a presentation explaining the aims and achievements of the Battle Back programme funded through the British Legion.

The group were then given a guided tour around the facility which ended with the Intendant General Rt Ill Kt John Tristram formally presenting a cheque for £1,000.00 to Battle Back as part of the West Midlands division's continuing support for the charity.

The Intendant General wishes to thank members for attending to support the occasion and would also thank all the members of the West Midlands division and their families for the continued support of this very worthwhile cause.

Battleback 2019.jpg

Thank you

James Mulligan
Deputy Intendant General
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Fri, 19th April 2019




The Intendant-General, Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, accompanied by the Deputy Intendant-General, Ill Kt Jim Mulligan and the Divisional Registrar, P Kt John Handley, was pleased to visit Radio Lollipop at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, to present a Cheque for £2500, on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children. Darren Coleman-Heald, Charities Manager, also attended the event to represent Mark Masons’ Hall,

Hedley Finn from Radio Lollipop explained how the Radio Station started and its current activities, which are now operating in many countries throughout the world. Radio Lollipop is staffed entirely by volunteers and totally dependent on charity donations. Hedley explained that staff training is an ongoing process and the grant from the Care Fund would assist with this important function.

We wish Radio Lollipop continuing success for the future and we are please to have been able to offer some support towards their objectives.

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Sat, 16th February 2019

West Midland Divisional Conclave

Div Mtg Photo 2019.jpg


The Annual Divisional Conclave was held at the Moseley Masonic Centre, Kings Heath with the Division being honoured by the presence of Right Illustrious and Venerable Knight, the Reverend Timothy John Nicholas L ‘Estrange, the Grand Eusebius

The Intendant-General, Right Illustrious Knight John Tristram, had pleasure in welcoming many guests, including Most Illustrious Knight Richard V Wallis, Past Grand Sovereign and many other distinguished visitors, including the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor, Very Illustrious Knight Andrew Sweeney and the Grand High Priest of The Order Of The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, Illustrious Knight Christopher Gavin Maiden and many visiting Intendant-Generals and Provincial Rulers of other Masonic Orders

The Intendant-General thanked the Divisional Officers for all their hard work and support during the past year, particularly P Kt Geoff Watkins, the Divisional Recorder and also his Deputy Intendant-General, Ill Kt Jim Mulligan, for his counsel and support. He made particular reference to Ill Kt Ray Nield, Divisional Viceroy, for his hard work supporting Conclaves within the Division and attending meetings in other Divisions

Right Illustrious Knight Tristram congratulated the in-coming Divisional Officers and looked forward to working with them. He spoke of the challenges facing the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and many other Masonic Orders in attracting and retaining new members and some of the steps being taken to address these

The Intendant-General confirmed that the Division continues to support the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children and the Royal British Legion Battle-Back charities and both had received donations during the year, which was only possible due to the generosity of the members of the Order. The collection from the meeting would go to Battle-Back

The Intendant-General was pleased to introduce and welcome four new Knight-Companions attending their first Divisional Conclave, they were W Kt David Morgan and W Kt Robert Grainger, St Oswald Conclave, W Kt Sean Warner, St Dunstan Conclave and W Kt Jonathan Bryan, St Chad Conclave.

During the excellent festive-board the Knights were entertained by Grand Eusebius, who amongst other topics, regaled those attending with the joys & frustrations of the online purchase of railway tickets, a theme which seemed to strike a chord with many in the audience.

The proceedings closed in perfect harmony with many expressing their wish to attend next year’s meeting on Saturday 15th February 2020

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Sat, 1st December 2018

Rose of Sharon Conclave No 161 Centenary Meeting


On Saturday 1st December 2018 an audience of over 100 Worthy Knights assembled at Moseley Masonic Centre, Kings Heath to witness the Grand Sovereign, Most Illustrious Knight Graham Leslie Fight, G.C.C., present a Centenary Warrant to Rose of Sharon Conclave No 161, the Conclave having Consecrated on 11th July 1918.

The Grand Sovereign was accompanied by Right Ill Kt Neil Matthews KCC, Grand Marshal, V Ill Kt Raymond Smith, Grand Senior General, V Ill Kt Michael Spencer, Grand Junior General, Ill Kt Graham Redman, Grand Sword Bearer and Ill Kt Glyn Hewitt, Grand Standard Bearer (C). The Conclave was also pleased to welcome Most Illustrious Knight Richard V Wallis, G.C.C., Past Grand Sovereign and Rt Ill Kt Colin V Young, K.C.C., Past Intendant-General, for the West Midlands

Illustrious Knight Justin Parker, Grand Sub-Prelate gave an oration on the significance of the Rose of Sharon, after which Puissant Knight John Handley gave a history of the formation and development of the Conclave. P Kt John had taken on responsibility for organising the whole event and his efforts were very much appreciated by everyone.

The presentation was made to Puissant Knight Joseph Khalil-Marzouk, as Past Sovereign of the Conclave, who took the Chair owing to the unavoidable absence of P Kt Paul Whitefield the current MPS. The Grand Sovereign congratulated the Conclave on having achieved a remarkable milestone in the history of the Conclave.

Prior to the presentation of the Warrant, the Conclave was very pleased to Install a new Knight-Companion, Worthy Knight James Woodhall. The ceremony was conducted by P Kt Chris Hallam, the current MPS of the Richard Wallis Conclave No 520, the youngest Conclave in the Division, who Installed the new Knight-Companion in an exemplary manner. The Grand Sovereign was pleased to bestow the accolade on W Kt James, an event which will be remembered for a long time by everyone present.

The meeting was followed by an excellent Festive Board, at which P Kt Joseph Marzouk thank the Grand Sovereign for his attendance at the meeting and the honour shown to the Conclave by the granting of the Centenary Warrant

Centenary Photo.jpg

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Wed, 14th November 2018

Cheque Presentation to Cirencester Opportunity Group



The Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children supports Cirencester Opportunity Group with a Grant of £2500

Members of Forum Conclave accompanied Rt Ill Kt John Tristram when he presented a cheque for £2500 to the Cirencester Opportunity Group, on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care Fund for Children. John said that having applied for a grant from the Fund he was delighted to have received a very generous donation

Cirencester Opportunity Group is a small, registered charity which has been providing a service to the community since 1973. This Specialist Early Years Centre offers inclusive care and education to children and toddlers, and much needed support to their families.

The charity’s constitution states that at least 51% of the children who attend the Group must have a special need or a disability and the children who come to the centre have a range of needs including: Autism Spectrum disorders, global developmental delay, genetic disorders and speech and language difficulties.  Some of the children that the charity works with are also growing up within challenging circumstances and experiencing deprivation.  Cirencester Opportunity Group is the only group of its kind in the area and are widely respected by local health professionals, such as health visitors and social workers who refer many children.  They serve the town of Cirencester and the surrounding villages within a 15-mile radius and endeavour to help all children reach their potential and prepare them for school life, through Speech and Language Therapy, Music Therapy, Home cooked meals, Soft play facilities, Forest School, practical, emotional and one-to-one support.

Cath Fowler, Centre Manager, said “Cirencester Opportunity Group is delighted to be chosen to receive this grant of £2,500 and plan to spend the money on providing the home-cooked two-course meals for the children five days a week, throughout 2019, to ensure that the children have a nutritiously balanced meal, with many opportunities provided for the children to experience and learn about new food tastes and textures to support their development”.

Darren Colman-Heald, Charities Manager from Mark Masons’ Hall, who also attended the presentation, said “The Grand Sovereigns Care Fund for Children has been pleased to make a contribution to Cirencester Opportunity Group and wishes them well for the future”

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Tue, 7th August 2018

Divisional Trip to The Battle Back Centre at Lilleshall

Visit to Royal British Legion Battle Back

On Monday 6th August, members of the West Midlands Division, some accompanied by their wives, visited the Royal British Legion Battle Back centre at Lilleshall. We were warmly received and following a presentation explaining the aims & objectives of Battle Back, we split into two groups to tour the on-site facilities. The weather was glorious, which was a real bonus, since the site covers a large area.

Following a visit to the sports hall, to view a new group playing wheelchair basket-ball, their first team-building activity, we returned to the reception area where Rt Ill Kt Colin Young had great pleasure in presenting a cheque for £1000 as donation towards future developments.

More information on Battle Back can be found at

Members and wiveson tour at Battle Back

Battle Back 1 Aug 2018.JPG

Cheque Presentation

Battle Back 2 Aug 2018.JPG

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Thu, 17th May 2018

St Georges Conclave No 344


On 17th May, Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, Intendant-General attended the Enthronement meeting of St George Conclave at Wellington, accompanied by Ill Kt Jim Mulligan, Deputy Intendant-General, V Ill Kt Dennis Roberts Divisional Marshal, P Kt Tony Cheesman, Divisional Sword Bearer and Ill Kt Stephen Wall, Divisional Janitor. Ill Kt Ray Nield, Divisional Viceroy, who is a member of St George Conclave was also there and acted as Conclave Viceroy for the evening

P Kt David Orme is serving a second year as Sovereign and was duly proclaimed before appointing and investing his Officers. The Intendant-General congratulated those who had been invested and then gave a brief update on the Division, the meeting was followed by an excellent Festive-Board. The Intendant-General expressed his delight seeing Ill Kt E D Humphries in attendance following recovery for his recent illness

It is an indication of the dedication of the Divisional Officers that Tony Cheesman & Stephen Wall had travelled from Rugby and Dennis Roberts from Ross-on Wye to attend the meeting, which the Division greatly appreciates and thanks them.

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Mon, 23rd April 2018

Holy Trinity Conclave

Holy Trinity 1.jpg

The Intendant General, Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, accompanied by the Divisional Viceroy, Ill Kt Ray Nield, the Divisional Junior, Ill Kt Gary Comer and P Kt David Orme, Sovereign of St George Conclave, had the pleasure of attending the Enthronement meeting of Holy Trinity Conclave in Sutton Coldfield. Unfortunately, the Sovereign elect, Em Kt Simon Evans, was unable to attend due to illness, however the Viceroy was consecrated in fine form by Ill Kt Ted Belcher. The Marshal, Very Ill Kt Richard Ayling kept the proceedings moving and it was good to see P Kt Paul Wheeler up & about after his accident.

The Intendant General was pleased to present Certificates to W Kt Chris A Young, together with a copy of a booklet about various aspects of the Order

The meeting was followed by an excellent festive board and the evening closed in perfect harmony.

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Fri, 20th April 2018

St Chad's Conclave - Official Visit bi The Intendent General

St Chad.jpg


The meeting of St Chad Conclave, Stafford was an official Divisional Team visit, Right Illustrious Knight John Tristram, Intendant-General and Illustrious Knight Jim Mulligan, Deputy Intendant-General were accompanied by six Divisional Officers and four members of the Divisional Sepulchure Guard. The meeting was also supported by a number of visitors from other Conclaves in the Division and it was particularly pleasing to see V Ill Kt Michael Adams & Ill Kt Bill Watts in attendance, together with P Kt David Orme, Sovereign of St George Conclave

The team witnessed an excellent ceremony, which saw Illustrious Knight Richard Thompson enthroned as Sovereign of the Conclave and Eminent Knight Michael Sharples consecrated as Viceroy, The Marshal, Very Illustrious Knight David Leigh, ensured that the evening ran smoothly and everyone agreed that it had been a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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Thu, 5th April 2018

Stroud Conclave No 360 - Enthronement

Stroud 050418 (2).jpg

Wednesday 5th April 2018 was the Enthronement meeting of Stroud Conclave, when Rt Ill Kt John Tristram, Intendant-General, was pleased to be present to see P Kt John Thornton enthrone Em Kt Raymond Vale as Puissant Sovereign and Geoffrey Watkins Consecrated as Viceroy.


The Intendant General was accompanied by Very Ill Kt Dennis Roberts, Divisional Marshal, who is also the Conclave Marshal, Puissant Knights Chris Farrer, Divisional Senior General, Les Dance, Divisional Chamberlain and Ken Starr, Most Puissant Sovereign of Forum Conclave. Ill Kt John Gillo, (who is PGM for Gloucs & Hereford Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons) acted as Prelate for the evening.

The meeting was followed by a traditional Forest of Dean festive board, the whole proceeding being conducted in perfect harmony

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Tue, 3rd April 2018

Tewkesbury Conclave

Tewkesbury 1.jpg

On Tuesday 3rd April 2018 the Intendant-General was pleased to attend a meeting of Tewkesbury Conclave, accompanied by a good number of Divisional Officers. The Conclave was also honoured by the presence of Rt Ill Kt Roland J. Bedford KCC, Past Intendant-General for Surrey.

The Conclave Officers rehearsed the ceremony of Installing a Knight-Companion, an event which proved to be most enlightening and emphasised the importance of rehearsing and practicing the ceremonial. The rehearsal also showed that is essential for everyone, particularly those who are due to take the Chair, to use the current version of the Ritual. Everyone agreed that it a most enjoyable and thoroughly beneficial exercise, which was followed by an excellent festive board

St Oswalds Logo.jpg

Wed, 28th March 2018

St Oswald's Conclave No 278 Enthronement

IG & Dep IG at St Oswald March 2018.jpg

On the 28th March 2018, Eminent Knight Mark Wainwright, our Deputy Captain of the Divisional Sepulchure Guard, was Enthroned as Sovereign of St Oswald Conclave No 278, Worcester, in a most sincere and accomplished manner by Puissant Knight Graham Perkins.

Mark consecrated Worthy Knight Charles Dyer as Viceroy, after which he appointed and invested the Officers of the conclave.

The evening was well attended with the Right Illustrious Knight John Tristram, Intendant-General and Illustrious Knight Jim Mulligan, Deputy Intendant-General, accompanied by Puissant Knight Geoff Watkins Divisional Recorder, a number of Divisional Officers present to support the Conclave. In honour of Mark’s position as Deputy Captain, a contingent of the Divisional Sepulchure Guard, under the direction of the Captain, Worthy Knight Martin Preece also attended the meeting.

The Conclave was also honoured to have Right Illustrious Knight Colin Young, Past Intendant-General and Very Illustrious Knight Ian Thorpe, Past Deputy Intendant-General in attendance, St Oswald being their own Conclave. The Divisional Deputy Marshal, Illustrious Knight Keith Evans, who is also the Conclave Marshal, ensured that the ceremonial preceded smoothly. The meeting was followed by an excellent festive board, altogether a thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

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Sat, 17th February 2018

Divisional Meeting at Kings Heath


On Saturday 17th February 2018, with 200 Worthy Knights present, the West Midlands Division hosted a very special event. The Grand Sovereign, Most Illustrious Knight Graham Leslie Flight GCC, accompanied by a team from Grand Imperial Conclave, attended the Annual Meeting of Divisional Conclave to Install the new Intendant-General, Rt Ill Kt John J Tristram. The Grand Sovereign performed the Installation ceremony in a warm and sincere manner, following which the Intendant-General Installed Ill Kt James F P Mulligan PGStdB (L) as Deputy Intendant-General.

The Grand Sovereign Then had the very pleasant task of presenting V Ill Kt N Desmond Jones with a Patent and special Breast Jewel to commemorate his 50 years of dedicated service to the Order. The Grand Sovereign was pleased to announce that, with immediate effect,t he was promoting Desmond to the rank of Past Junior Grand General.

Following a very pleasant lunch the Divisional Conclave resumed, during which the new Divisional Officers were appointed and invested. The Concave was closed in due form and the Worthy Knights retired, to reflect on a most enjoyable occasion.

The full list of Officers is shown under Divisional Officers on the website which also contains the Intendant-General’s Address to Divisional Conclave under IG Address 2018

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Tue, 7th November 2017

V Ill Kt A (Tony) Bolus

The Funeral arrangements for V Ill Kt A (Tony) Bolus PG Junior General Past Deputy Intendant General are as follows

Telford Crematorium on Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 1pm

Wake at The Hundred House Hotel, Norton (Between Bridgnorth and Sutton Maddock) 

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Sun, 6th August 2017

New Intendant General Announced

Worthy Knights

Important Changes within the West Midland Division

Announcement of new IG John Tristram for website.jpg

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Thu, 6th April 2017

Old Swinford RC Installation

Oldswinford RC Chapter Apl 2017.jpg


Last night 6th April 2017 at Oldswinford Chapter Rose Croix, the Provincial Prior of the Province of Worcestershire in The Masonic and Military Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, R Em Kt Stephen Wyer, was enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign by the Rt Ill Bro Colin Young, Intendant General of the West Midlands Division of the Masonic and Military order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist, in the presence of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Rose Croix District of Worcestershire V Ill Bro Richard N Hoare 330

The Rulers of the three principal Christian Orders in Worcestershire, working harmoniously together as usual!

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Thu, 17th November 2016

Donation Courtesy of Grand Sovereign's Fund

Grand Soveriegn Fund.jpg

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Tue, 5th July 2016

Birchen Coppice Appeal



The Worcestershire Masonic Orders meeting at Kidderminster collected £4350 with the generous help of Red Cross of Constantine, Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund.

W Bro Martin Lawrence, Chairman Kidderminster Masonic Temple Association coordinated the appeal to meet the cost of running a six week holiday camp for children from Birchen Coppice School. Based on the Birchen Coppice Estate which is council home estate and has many problems. The estate has double the national average of poverty and deprivation, is ridden with anti-social behaviour, has alcohol and drug dependency problems. Many of the parents of the children who attend the school are illiterate. During school holidays many of the children are left to their own devices lose on the estate without food for the day.

Mrs Charlotte Jeynes the School Events & Fund raising organiser is passionate about the welfare of these children and is to organise a summer school so they can have a place to attend.

The School motto is “Reach for the Stars”and the holiday club is to be called “COSMOS”.

The purpose of this event and it is hoped to run such events for all school holidays is to maintain the social and emotional development of the children who are between 4 and 12 years of age, along with maintaining welfare for them and provide a cooked meal for up to 50 children per day. Many of the children receive little or no education from their parents and after a six week period off school the continuity of education has been lost and the teaching staff have to start back  from step one to get the child on the path of further education, this holiday camp will give the child access to continued education. Parents will also be able to attend to receive basic reading and writing skills  and introduction to computer skills  so they can have an understanding of what their children are aiming to achieve.

The Rising Stars Holiday Club will be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and in addition to maintaining their education, they will also be involved in activities to help build their esteem. They will maintain their own allotment and then sell the produce teaching them planning and business skills and be taken away from the estate on a trip to the seaside, as many of the children have never left the Estate not even into Kidderminster town centre.

Pictured left to right: R W Bro Robert Vaughan Prov Grand Master. Mrs Kay Butler Headmistress, W B Martin Lawrence Chairman KMTA, Mrs Charlotte Jeynes School Events and Fund Organiser, W B Colin Young PAsstPGM and Intendent General of the Red Cross of Constantine.

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Sat, 19th September 2015

Service at Lincoln Cathedral


A contingent of Knights from our West Midlands Division


Our Intendant General sharing a glass of bubbly with the Intendant General of the East Midlands



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Wed, 3rd June 2015

Beyond the Craft Shrewsbury 3rd June 2015

On Monday June the 3rd, the Intendant – General, R Ill Kt Colin Young, assisted by the Deputy Intendant – General, Ill Kt Ian Thorpe, were invited by the Craft Province of Shropshire to participate in an exhibition of the additional degrees, entitled “ Beyond the Craft” at the Masonic Hall, Shrewsbury. The presentation was opened by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Peter Taylor, and almost all of the inner Orders of Freemasonry were represented. A great deal of interest was expressed by the visitors in our Order, and the whole event assisted in raising the level of awareness among Shropshire masons about the Christian Orders. Our Intendant – General declared the event very worthwhile.

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Sat, 22nd March 2014

The Guard at Morning Star Conclave

The Guard on duty at Morning Star Conclave at Kings Heath


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Tue, 14th January 2014

Consecration of Richard Wallis Conclave No 520 at Rugby

The Consecration of the Richard Wallis Conclave No 520 took place a Rugby on Tuesday January 14th 2014.

The Grand Sovereign Richard Wallis Officiated assisted by the Right Illustrious and Venerable Kt Reverend Charles Peter Blackwell Smyth, Grand Eusabius and in the presence of The Deputy Grand Sovereign R. Ill & Em Kt Peter Hawken GCC,  R. Ill Kt Michael Herbert GCC and R. Ill Kt John Manby the East Midlands Intendent-General.

The Installing Officers were R. Ill Kt Colin Verdun Young The West Midlands Intendent-General who installed the Sovereign, V. Ill. Kt Michael Adams and Ill Kt Charles Gwynn the Deputy Intendent-General who installed the Viceroy P. Kt Thomas Gray.

The Conclave will meet at Atherstone in Warwickshire and has a special significance for the Grand Sovereign as his ancestors lived in the area some 500 years ago. Now the Wallis name has again returned to the area.

Some 80 Worthy Knights attended the ceremony with 65 staying to dine.

After the ceremony and before sitting down to dine the Grand Sovereign indulged in Sabre D'Or opening the Champagne, provided by the Conclave Sovereign, with a sword to great acclaim.




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Mon, 30th September 2013

Red Cross Gala at Kings Heath

Red Cross of Constantine Gala Dinner

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The Gala Dinner in aid of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, held at Kings Heath on 30th September was a tremendous success. 92 Knights of the Order, a number of Brethren, plus a sprinkling of non-masons were welcomed with a glass of Buck’s Fizz, then sat down to an excellent meal, at a splendid table laden with mess silver provided by Richard Gale.  

During the meal the Intendant-General, R. Ill. Knight Colin Young, in an ebullient mood, took wine with members of the armed services, past and present. Spontaneous singing broke out in true barrack room style, which caused much hilarity and which set the mood for the occasion.

The highlight came when the Guest speaker, Colonel Kevin Beaton OBE, the Officer in Charge of the medical facility rose to speak. He began by remarking how much he had enjoyed sitting next to the Deputy Intendant-General, our very own Colonel Dr Charles Gwynn, who was of course, himself highly experienced in battlefield medicine, and listening to his reminiscences of his adventures where he and Kevin had both looked after the health of the "ladies" in the same brothel in Belize City, at different times during our postings there!

His presentation then turned to the work of the Centre, which had, for some years, been centred at Selly Oak, and which had just transferred to the newly built facility at the Queen Elizabeth hospital which was now the largest intensive care facility in the whole of Europe. He spoke movingly and with considerable eloquence about the tremendous courage shown by the wounded, many of whom had lost two or three limbs and suffered other terrible injuries, and the dedication and resolve of those who ministered to them.

When he had concluded those present rose in acclamation, emotionally to express their admiration for all that he represented.

The Intendant-General proposed a vote of thanks. His well chosen words perfectly captured the mood of the evening. The raffle was then drawn, and a magnificent gallon bottle of whisky was won by the Divisional Junior General, Steven Turner, who, after consulting his conscience, presented it to Colonel Beaton.

Worthy Knight Ian Fothergill then proceeded to auction a very special bottle of Irish whiskey which had been donated by Lodge Glittering Star, which is, of course, a military travelling Lodge and which had expressed the wish to be associated with the event. It raised the incredible sum of £714, which enabled the Intendant-General to present a cheque for £2,500 to Colonel Beaton, to augment the sum of over £5,000 which we had donated previously.

In concluding the evening, the Intendant-General promised the continuing support if the West Midlands Division to this most valuable cause, and the assembled company dispersed, expressing the view that they had found the event both thoroughly enjoyable and humbling.

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Thu, 15th August 2013

New News Item

St Dunstan Conclave No 519 to be consecrated at Kidderminster on Wednesday November 20th at 11.00am

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Thu, 30th May 2013

New Conclaves

Intendant General announces 2 new Conclaves to be formed in the West Midlands Division

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